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Welded Pipe

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Item NoProductGradeStandardSurface FinishBalanceUnitIn stock
Welded Pipe 48.3x1.6TWPRO304LAW04830160Welded Pipe 48.3x1.6AISI 304LEN 10217-7AS WELDED0m
Welded Pipe 60.3x1.6TWPRO304LAW06030160Welded Pipe 60.3x1.6AISI 304LEN 10217-7AS WELDED432m
Welded Pipe 60.3x3.6TWPRO304LAW06030360Welded Pipe 60.3x3.6AISI 304LEN 10217-7AS WELDED0m
Welded Pipe 76.1x1.6TWPRO304LAW07610160Welded Pipe 76.1x1.6AISI 304LEN 10217-7AS WELDED336m
Welded Pipe 17.2x1.5TWPRO304LPI01720150Welded Pipe 17.2x1.5AISI 304LEN 10217-7PICKLED3282m
Welded Pipe 21.3x1.5TWPRO304LPI02130150Welded Pipe 21.3x1.5AISI 304LEN 10217-7PICKLED4.1m
Welded Pipe 21.3x1.6TWPRO304LPI02130160Welded Pipe 21.3x1.6AISI 304LEN 10217-7PICKLED402m
Welded Pipe 21.3x2.0TWPRO304LPI02130200Welded Pipe 21.3x2.0AISI 304LEN 10217-7PICKLED0m
Welded Pipe 21.3x2.6TWPRO304LPI02130260Welded Pipe 21.3x2.6AISI 304LEN 10217-7PICKLED192m
Welded Pipe 26.9x1.5TWPRO304LPI02690150Welded Pipe 26.9x1.5AISI 304LEN 10217-7PICKLED270m
Welded Pipe 26.9x2.0TWPRO304LPI02690200Welded Pipe 26.9x2.0AISI 304LEN 10217-7PICKLED342m
Welded Pipe 26.9x2.6TWPRO304LPI02690260Welded Pipe 26.9x2.6AISI 304LEN 10217-7PICKLED270m
Welded Pipe 33.7x1.5TWPRO304LPI03370150Welded Pipe 33.7x1.5AISI 304LEN 10217-7PICKLED600m
Welded Pipe 33.7x2.0TWPRO304LPI03370200Welded Pipe 33.7x2.0AISI 304LEN 10217-7PICKLED300m
Welded Pipe 42.4x2.0TWPRO304LPI04240200Welded Pipe 42.4x2.0AISI 304LEN 10217-7PICKLED420m
Welded Pipe 48.3x2.0TWPRO304LPI04830200Welded Pipe 48.3x2.0AISI 304LEN 10217-7PICKLED204m
Welded Pipe 60.3x2.0TWPRO304LPI06030200Welded Pipe 60.3x2.0AISI 304LEN 10217-7PICKLED2m
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