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Finding items
There are several ways to find an item:

You can use the navigation tree to browse through items.
If you already know all the item numbers you can use "easy order" to speed up your ordering process.
Use the search field. You'll find more information on how to search in the help section under "search tips".
When you found an item that you want, press "buy".

Shopping cart
When you click "buy", the item will be placed in your shopping cart. Here we show your items and the total order sum.
By clicking "to cart" you can change the content of your cart, finish and send your order.
With "save cart to favorite list" you can save all the items in your cart and continue shopping later on. The next time you visit the online shop you just go to My account and place your saved favorite list in the cart.

When you have added your items press the "checkout"-button. At checkout you can either register or sign in if you haven't already done that.
You can easily change the number of an item by changing the number and press "change". A click on the waste basket will erase all items on a particular row.
Be sure to check your address and the contents of your cart before you send your order.

Signing in
If you already have registered, sign in by using your username and password.
Confirm order
When you have checked the content of your order, please choose delivery method. You are now also able to provide additional information about your purchase if needed. Then press "Send order".

Receipt page
When you see the receipt page you will know that your order is received and approved. We will also send you an order confirmation by email.

Order overview
You can see your previous orders in the section "My account". When clicking on an order you will get more information on the specific order. You can copy an order and directly place it in the checkout.
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